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We can overcome the negative force of hatred within each of us.

When a youngster, consumed by hatred, harboring feelings of apartheid, blows a fuse and massacres nine innocent people in a house of worship in Charleston, what does this say about the inner state of our minds? I’ve lived in both South Carolina, and of course grew up in South Africa during the era of apartheid. The question is: Can we overcome the most overwhelming negative forces that live within each of us?. This is the prelude to the second part of my three part series of Super Consciousness.


Overcome the Negative. Overcome Hate

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Table of Contents:1 Dr. Vie Radio Show2 Charleston Massacre – Symptom Of More To Come If We Do Not Look Within and Find Inner Peace3 Well, here are a few questions for you dear reader.4 The Negative Force Within Each Of Us5 The Rise of The Impostor®6 How Do We Tame The Impostor®7 We Can Overcome The Negative Forces Because We CAN7.1 You can be Super Conscious


Charleston Massacre – Symptom Of More To Come If We Do Not Look Within and Find Inner Peace

I loved living in South Carolina, with its warm and loving people of all cultures. Charleston is a cultural spot tucked away. I can clearly remember the lovely little café that my Professor and I dined at, that night after our seminar to a group of local students. Alas, today we ponder on how a 21 year old could sit quietly with a small Bible study group, in a Church, for over an hour and then systematically kill six females and three males.

Well, here are a few questions for you dear reader.

  1. Could his type of negative energy really be found within the highly evolved human species, living in a developed nation that leads the world in democracy?
  2. Could his type of negative energy be found in us ordinary humans?
  3. How do we overcome this type of negative energy in adults?
  4. Can we prevent such tragedy in some way?


The Negative Force Within Each Of Us

Each of us has this negative energy force within us. Yes!

But it is there only as a protective mechanism, for survival. It is our survival instinct to help us to escape injury. The survival instinct was in full force as humans evolved as a species, trying to escape being eaten by other animals.  Now, especially in the 21 century, we are not living in under the threat of being attacked by other animals, yet for some reason, many humans live with the belief that they are under the threat of attack, and inevitably the survival instinct comes to the fore.

“You raped our women and you’ve taken over our country,” were the words from the shooter, as he justified his killing spree. In his mind, he was under threat.

Alas, his belief system was not founded in reality.

But how do we protect our mind from being taken over by the negative force?

What is this negative force that is rearing its malicious face so often these days in hate crimes, violence, murder, killings, terrorism and abuse?

The Rise of The Impostor®

My journey on my Life Express (see previous article Part 1 ) growing up in South Africa, during the era of apartheid, and such hatred, and such inequality, truly opened up eyes to the “dark side of the moon.” Each of us has a moment that changes our life forever. That moment came to me for the first time as I lay over the body of a fallen student, about to be beaten by a soldier, in the throes of apartheid. I myself was about to be beaten. Yet, after escaping injury, instead of going to the other side, consumed by hatred, or consumed by revenge I chose introspection, self-discovery, and self-development. But what makes the difference between choosing one path and another?

Today, after decades of inner explorations and deep research into the human mind, and living in developing and developed nations, I know one thing for certain. Each of us, has two aspects of energy flow within us. One is that of the positive, loving, super-conscious flow of energy, and secondly that of the negative, hateful, unconscious block of energy.

I call the negative flow of energy, the Impostor® which poses as us, takes over the very best within us, blocks our positive flow of energy and can cause chaos within our lives. When our true, strong, powerful Self is compromised and taken over by the negative energy of the Impostor® we are no longer in control of our mind, and we lose access to the very best of ourselves.  This is the rise of the Impostor® within us.



How Do We Tame The Impostor®

My research and personal experiences over two decades, takes me time and time again to the ancient findings over 6000 years ago, in India. This is the same message passed on to us through the great Prophets and the great Sages and the great Spiritual leaders since then.

The message is that we must become one with who we really are, we must strengthen our mind to overcome the negative force that is part of our human code. The very powerful methods were openly shared verbally and finally with the start of the written word. We call this Yoga Self Realization the part to realizing our real Self, and feel self-confident, compassionate, loving, peaceful and super conscious.

We can never kill the Impostor® only tame it. Once we do, we can live our lives from a center of inner peace and our families, communities, nations and world will be at peace. Most of all we need to begin the search and union with our real Selves at an early age.



We Can Overcome The Negative Forces Because We CAN

Let us today, bring our hands together, the left and the right, the negative forces and the positive forces so that we may realize what flows through us and may always be focused on overcoming the negative and nourishing the positive. Let us meditate on the Souls of those nine South Caroliners who opened there hearts to let in a stranger into their midst, because their were filled with love and compassion. Let us meditate for their families and loved ones.  We shall overcome the negative forces, because we can.


You can be Super Conscious

End of part 2 of a 3 part series on Super Consciousness, the right of every human.

Yes you can be super conscious because you have been blessed with all the powers.

Let us now rediscover your innate power to be compassionate, loving and super consciousness.

Tune in shortly for part 3: Yoga Self Realization…know your identity, change your life


Dr. Vie

Author of Taming The Female Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Being her Powerful Self.

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