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During my seminar talk Yoga Scientific Secrets for Stress Management I once again recognized the telling symptoms of high stress, among females in business.

What is it about the life that we lead today that is consuming the very essence of the people who are innately flowing with Super Consciousness? Let’s find out.

Table of Contents:1 To Stress Or Not To Stress Is The Question ?1.0.1 Ah, ah, now you know why we need to learn more about the people behind our products.2 When Executives Are Highly Stressed, What Happens To Their Consumers?3 Stress Management Options3.1 The Sleeping Holiday3.2 Self-Medication Plan To Calm the Nerves4 Yoga Scientific Secrets for Stress Management5 Truly Successful Human?


To Stress Or Not To Stress Is The Question ?


Ready for some fun? Take this one question quiz and learn one important fact about stress right away.



Ah, ah, now you know why we need to learn more about the people behind our products.



When Executives Are Highly Stressed, What Happens To Their Consumers?

A young female executive, described by her boyfriend as “CEO of a very busy company” was showing signs of high stress.  Ironically, the company was actually producing an item that was focused on reducing stress and anxiety. And if you were wondering why the CEO herself was not benefiting from her anxiety relief product, that is so because she herself does not use it, even though she is the ideal consumer.

This scenario is getting more and more common as we find ourselves in roles that are driving us to become out of tune with our true nature. Now imagine billions of companies around the world, where workers are working to create items that are creating stress, pollution, toxins, noise, radiation.

Some of them pride feel that they are being innovative because they are coming up with novel new products. Then at the end of the day, the workers go home and all each of them wants is good health for themselves and their families.  

Therein is the disharmony and the very cause of the problems we find ourselves in today. We want happiness and good health but we spend eight hours of our day in the opposite direction. Our brains are confused.

A day after my talk on Yoga Scientific Secrets for Stress Management I was chatting with yet another attendee, a male executive, only to hear a familiar response:

“I want to decrease stress, but it is really hard to work at it.”

This response is almost standard in highly successful executives who are drowning in stress. The question of whether to stress or not to stress becomes a moot point…for reasons that are quite out of the ordinary.

Their decisions to continue feeling stressed are viewed as normal solutions. Yes, people feel that it is acceptable to feel stressed. Why, because 99.9% of people around them are also experiencing it. Accepting stress, has become the norm.

Back to the executive who felt that even though he was able to put extra effort into that which society calls a career, he would not muster up effort to be successful at reducing stress in his life. Would not is very different from could not. Even though he had already proven that he was able to focus his efforts on his career and had will power, he would not use that will power for self improvement.

Do you consider that odd? Perhaps not, because today this response is completely routine.


Stress Management Options

During my talk on Yoga Scientific  Secrets For Stress Management, attendees listed some of the methods that people use for stress relief: “self-medication, booze, massage.”  The well-known method is of course the Get-Away Plan. Yes, this is what we called time-off with the family or loved ones, also called holidays.

Workers look forward to weekend get-away, in many cases just so that they can get a good night’s sleep!

The Sleeping Holiday

Do you wake up refreshed and ready to jump out of bed? If you answered no, then you are indicating signs of stress. Related to this is lack of good sleep. Sleep deprivation is the key indicator of undue stress. The cycle is a vicious one, going on from night to night and continues to drain one’s energy throughout the day, as one gulps down cups and cups of coffee in a desperate effort to stay alert.

Alas, this very cycle wreaks more damage to the already weakened immune system.  The weekend getaway can work wonders if you want to catch up on sleep.

But it only produces a false sense of security, a make-belief remedy of your real issue. It seems like a miracle cure, because you experience a boost of energy. But once you return to the same routine within a week you will find yourself deprived of sleep once again. Your tolerance level for poor performance by people around you, will drop like a ton of bricks. You will be quick to snap and fall into fits of rage.

Self-Medication Plan To Calm the Nerves

Have you noticed that more and more people are taking off the shelf pain meds just to relax? Yes, more and more highly stressed, sleep deprived workers are using pain medications, sleeping aids, alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs in a desperate effort to feel relaxed and enjoy some sense of serenity.

That’s a lot of hard earned money (which created the stress in the first place) being flushed away on temporary solutions that are killing off brain cells, and creating addictions while keeping you trapped within the very system that you have yourself helped to create. So here we are today, struggling with stress within  our relationships be it at work or at home or with friends.

Surely there is a better and more effective, permanent way to return your Self to your natural happy-go-lucky lovable persona and enjoy being alive?


Yoga Scientific Secrets for Stress Management

Yoga is the science of Self Realization, which really means, a lifestyle that supports your real purpose of life: to be in a state of happiness and peace…your realized Self, without stress. I explored Yoga in the previous articles, so please do find the links to them at the end of this article.

These methods have been used for thousands of years by the Ancients in India as they realized that they needed to strengthen their immune system and protect themselves from the emerging stress that was inevitable with the rise of civilization and expansion of industrialization. They were truly visionary and wise. Alas, only a handful of them began to practice it in its true form, and over time it too became adulterated into what we today see touted as Yoga. But not all is lost.

Yoga scientific secrets for stress management by-Dr-Vie

Yoga Scientific Secrets Can Be Accessed By Anyone

As long as you have the determination to get rid of the stress in your life and improve your health, better your relationships at home and in the work arenas, you can be well on your way to restoring your inner state of peace of mind.  You can reprogram your mind and reclaim mastery over this vessel we call the body…which might I add, has gotten out of our control!


Truly Successful Human?

Success in your work arena is absolutely meaningless, if you cannot be successful at generating your own state of inner happiness, on your own.  Over the last 50 years we have plummeted into a state of such chaos within our own body and mind that we can no longer discern between what is really our own values, based on our own experiences versus the beliefs of those around us that dictate how we need to think and feel.


Until we can once again make decisions for ourselves, from an inner core of strength and self-trust based on our true nature, we can never truly experience the joy of living as humans.  Our true human nature is that of loving, peaceful, high evolved Super Conscious beings…for now we have forgotten, but we can overcome the amnesia and return to our true nature.


Yoga does hold the secrets to stress management and once you gain the knowledge and the practice, you can access it at anytime, anywhere in the world, 100% free. How cool is that?

Please do comment below and let me know your thoughts about stress in your environment and lets start chatting.


I am here to support you in your journey in any way that I can.

Do contact me.


Dr. Vie

Author of Taming The Female Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Being her Powerful Self.

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