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World Yoga Day coincides with Father’s Day this year. There is an intricate link between Yoga Self Realization and males. Over the past decade I’ve been engaged in systematic research into how we can overcome the negative energies of hatred, violence, terrorism, and abuse to others, and the personal feelings of insecurity, guilt, and disrespect.

How we react to others is really a reflection of how we feel towards ourselves. Today, during the initiation of World Yoga which is the path to Self -Realization, let us pledge to liberate ourselves from mind control,  self-abuse, self-hate and self-rejection. This is part 3 in a series of articles on the topic of Yoga Self Realization. Ready? For part one click here    for part two click here

Table of Contents:1 What is not Yoga Self Realization ?1.1 What is Yoga Self-Realization ?1.2 Can anyone achieve Yoga self-realization?1.3 Why do we need to be self-realized?1.4 Do you need a teacher or to pay someone to be self-realized?1.4.1 An Adventurer Of Life Within Your Community1.4.2 Partner With A Guide1.4.3 An Adventurer Of Life In A New Place1.4.4 Partner With A Guide In A New Land1.5 What good is it to be self-realized?2 In Conclusion: Yoga Self Realization2.1 You can be Super Conscious

What is not Yoga Self Realization ?

In the previous articles, I spoke about what Yoga is and what Yoga is not. To quickly summarize, Yoga is not

  • the trendy business of exercises for a sexy body clothed in yuppy skin tight yoga pants and tops, or
  • stretching on designer mats, or
  • working out in steamy rooms or
  • a way to compete to be better than another person, or
  • to achieve super-powers for vanity.
  • Yoga is an eight fold path to Self Realization.


What is Yoga Self-Realization ?

Remember when we hear of people going away to “find themselves.”  A stressful event, whether it was a loss of acceptance, loss of finances, a loss of a loved one, or loss of health propels the person to search for more. Why? Because the stimulants that they had depended on for happiness were not permanent.  When the stimulants where no longer there, they felt alone, at a loss, and could not be happy. They did not know how to generate happiness within themselves, 100% solo.

And so the search for happiness began.  In the worst instances, they could be lured away by opportunistic groups who promise acceptance and respect.  In many instances, the person travels away from the routine environment, be it the home that they knew, the friends that they grew up with, or even the country and culture that they were familiar with.

Some have found themselves in nature, with just the clothes on their back. Others have found themselves in the mystical lands of the East, be it India or Tibet. Why go to the ancient lands where people are known to live peaceful, simple lives?

Because they have heard somewhere along the way, that there are people in the world, who even without the material possessions, and without the support systems of others, have found inner peace. And so the search to “find themselves” began.


You need to be prepared to embark on Yoga Self-Realization. In fact your entire life until the moment you embark on Yoga, is itself a preparation. Hence the Quote from my Book:

Taming The Female  Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Yoga Self Realization

Yoga Self Realization from Taming The Female Impostor Ch 12 page 266

Self-realization is the awareness of who you really are. Who is the Self that resides within the body throughout this journey in this life?  By realizing your true Self you are getting to know and understand your inner powers, your inner capabilities and your inner nature. You discover youridentity and your human code. You realize what all you can do. For the first time you are not dependent on the stories and beliefs systems of others. You have become your own scientist, and through your own journey of self -discovery you have educated yourself about the pivotal aspect of life, that of your real Self.

Yoga-Self-Realization-from Taming-The-Female-Impostor-Dr-Vie

Well, here are a few questions for you dear reader.

  1. Can anyone achieve self-realization?
  2. Why do we need to be self-realized?
  3. Do we need to go to school or have a teacher or pay someone to reach self-realization?
  4. What good it is if we are self-realized?


Can anyone achieve Yoga self-realization?

Absolutely yes. Why, because it is your true nature, and your birth right. It is like asking:

Can a fish, realize that it is a fish?

Yes of course. Because it has realized its real identity, it knows what it is capable of. It is capable of swimming in the water, so it does swim with confidence in the water. It is capable of breathing in the water so it does breathe with confidence in the water. It trusts in its own powers.

Alas, we humans have forgotten our natural human code and we struggle with identity crises and manifest the symptoms of hatred, disrespect, and abuse. But, the magical thing is that at any time we can remember our identity. And yes, we can realize who we are, if we want to.

Why do we need to be self-realized?

Back to the fish… What if the fish did not know that it could swim or breathe in water? Then what? It would be experiencing an identity crisis! It would not know what it really is!

Because we as humans have forgotten our real identity over thousands of years, we have been experiencing the symptoms of identity crises.  Poor self-confidence, lack of self-esteem, inability to be truly happy, inability to truly accept others, inability to truly love others all because we are insecure about our own capabilities.

To truly access your full potential as a human, you need to know who you are. A child could be holding the winning lottery ticket in her hand, but because she does not know the meaning of it, she could attach no value to it and may even use it wipe the melting ice cream off her hands!

Do you need a teacher or to pay someone to be self-realized?

The beauty of being human is that you can make choices in life. You have all that it takes to become self -realized on your own, without any Guide or paying anyone money.  Why? Remember the code that is within you? All you need to do is switch on that code. You have the code, you just need to switch it on.

An Adventurer Of Life Within Your Community

Become an adventurer, because this journey is an adventure. Just like you spend your day working for a company, climbing up the ladder of success, improving your skills each day, and contributing to the team, now view your most important job to be that of self-realization.

With the new awareness, you will become more consciously aware each day of your true self. Through quiet time, one on one with yourself each morning and evening in a state of meditation (focused attention) you can slowly but surely achieve self-realization as you continue to live in the fast paced, mechanical world that we have created.

Partner With A Guide

You can also opt for a Guide, to lighten up your path and direct you to your path of self-discovery while you continue to live within your world. Over time you will find yourself expanding and beginning to journey on your own. But do be wary of the Guide you select.

An Adventurer Of Life In A New Place

You can also opt to go to India, the source of Yoga Self-Realization and engage on a path of self-realization without being viewed with suspicion!  Join the millions who live minimalistic lives and begin to realize your true inner strengths as you finally become independent of material possessions and group beliefs.

Partner With A Guide In A New Land

You can join an Ashram or Spiritual Center in India, but do be wary, for there are many establishments and groups that can take you astray, after all the world still looks favorably upon people with lots of money! When spiritual teachings are focused on the accumulation of money, the journey of the adventurer can be side-tracked!  The best thing is that at any time you can opt to leave any group, any Guide, any Guru. Your goal should be that of eventual independence of any body, any system and any structure, for your inner peace.

Whatever your choice, no matter how small or slow  your progress, the rewards will be enormous, as you begin to shift your way of thinking about life, your work, your family, your community and the very meaning of life.


What good is it to be self-realized?

As you become more self-realized each day, you begin to feel:

  • More empowered
  • Your will power increasing
  • You are becoming less dependent on other people for your happiness.
  • You are becoming less dependent on external stimulants for your happiness.
  • You are becoming a creator, a generator of your own state of peace and happiness.
  • You become self-sustaining.


Eventually you begin to spread your energy of happiness and peace to others.

Transformation begins to occur within your environment.

You become a generator of world peace.


In Conclusion: Yoga Self Realization

My personal experience born as an Indian women in the throes of Apartheid in South Africa and journey of self-discovery that I am on, has brought many a challenge as I continue on my Life Express (see previous article Part 1 ) I now share my insights so that people, especially women, around the globe can delve deeper into the very purpose of their lives, and be able to realize who they really are. With the knowledge they can lead better lives, without being dependent on the beliefs of others, or the actions of others or the titles or reward systems of society, for their happiness. We can have people who feel inner peace and can generate inner happiness and feel one with the energies of all of nature and our great Cosmos.


Yoga Self-Realization is a sure way to come one on one with your true identity, on your own if you want to, or through the guidance of a pure Guide, or through short periods at Organizations that are devoid of material gains or statuses.


I am here to support you in your journey in any way that I can.

With lots of love,


Dr. Vie

Your Guide, Planet Earth, Our Great Cosmos

Author of Taming The Female  Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Yoga Self Realization



You can be Super Conscious

End of part 3 of a 3 part series on Super Consciousness through Yoga Self Realization, the right of every human.

Yes you can be super conscious because you have the powers.

Let us now rediscover your innate power to be compassionate, loving and super consciousness.

Join me during my discussions on Yoga Self Realization and Super Consciousness.


Until we meet again, Lots of love Always, Dr. Vie Peace Maker and Your Change Guide, Planet Earth, Our great Cosmos

Dr. Vie

Author of Taming The Female Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Being her Powerful Self.

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