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Truth About Foods

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Each day the wise eat to live and the unwise live to eat. Which one are you? Either way, you probably do not know the truth about foods. Did you know that food has a very special purpose and is medicinal, but only if it is used it a particular way?  You do not need drugs, pain meds, food supplements, smokes or alcohol to feel better.  All you need to learn is how to make the proper food choices for your own body, how to prepare the meals correctly for your own body and how to eat the foods in a powerful way and you can get your own body to be the way you want. You need to know the truth about foods.



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The Real Truth about foods

Food creates the very physical essence of you, it forms into your own body, that which you live in each day, each night, every week, each and every month and every moment until your death.  You cannot escape from own your body during this life. Your own body is like no other. It is unique from the over 7 billion bodies on Planet Earth. Your body is shaped by you. So let’s face it, this is the one body that you have ‘till death do us part. Foods become your body! You are what you eat/drink!

Yet why do we abuse the very ingredients that support our life?

Especially when we have a choice of what foods to eat? This question would be moot if it were posed to the starving masses, or to the millions of children and families living in Africa and around the world who are dying from starvation. They have no choice as to the foods they eat. They must eat whatever comes their way. Enough about them. What about you?

The Dilemma of Trendy People

But for us trendy folk, with advanced digital devices, stylish clothing, we who profess to be way ahead of the rest of the regular folk because we think we know so much about everything…ah well we have our own ideas about what is good for us.

We say we have information about the cosmos, we have information about how life started, we have information about quantum mechanics and we spend most of our time on social media feeling like we know only because we have access to so much information. But we have it all wrong!


You see,  information is worth nothing if you yourself do not KNOW. If you yourself have not experienced life, then you cannot say: “I know about…”


Information is not power.


Content May Be King BUT Knowledge  is power

The main question is this:

Why do we insist on remaining in the state of ignorance about the most crucial ingredient that makes or breaks us, our very own body, namely our food?


Truth About Foods: Trusting Your Choice To Shape Your Future
Truth About Foods: What You Must Know To Defeat Ignorance

Lack of Insight Leads To Dis-Empowerment

I am participating in a program spear headed by Oprah: Belief Compassion and Healing. During many of the interviews, one gentleman says:

I believe in things that I can see, touch, and hear.”

Mmm….very interesting for sure.

You see, pun intended (for those wise folks you have already come across SEE in my provocative book Taming The Female Impostor- Book Of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity – What every human must know) the words of the gentleman reveals our focus on gathering information through our five senses. This is the process also used by scientists…

Scientists are saying what?

I myself have a post-doctorate, having been trained in the art of scientific evaluations in the lab, and I can tell this for a fact: Science is a new invention to try to understand constructs by making them available to our five senses, and then being able to repeat the performance in a reliable way.

Once this is done then wow, we have proven something scientifically!

Wow, we feel powerful, intelligent and way ahead of the rest of the Planet’s beings!

In fact we have only proven without a shadow of a doubt our own state of ignorance.

But because we had to  build organizations and businesses around what we call science, we then buzz like insects to a flame, so we can gain fame and glory and the reward of salaries and tenureship and Nobel prizes. This happens only because we have made something, that has already existed for billions of years without our interference, into a proven scientific fact.

Wow, now our stamp of approval is on it, making it legitimate, so now and only now the wonders of the cosmos exist! Only because we have “seen” it in the lab or through our powerful satellites.



We Live Unconsciously In Our Body

The problem is this: even though we live in our body, even though we carry around all our organs, our blood supply our plasma, our water, brain cells and waste with us every nanosecond, we act as if it is not there. Why, because we (ordinary folk versus conscious folk) cannot naturally see inside ourselves.

We live in a state of oblivion about this mass of highly intelligent systems within us, beneath our very own skin, yet we cannot see, hear, taste or even feel what is going on inside us because we refuse to. We are too busy seeking to “know” things that are really not us before even knowing who we are!

Now for those who put things into this unique sophisticated body for the sake of pleasure or desires of the tongue, they do so because they refuse to accept that what they put into their body is really building their body. They refuse to know about their very own laboratory, their very own structures, their very own future, yet they spend countless hours debating about philosophy, theories and findings from famous scientists! This is the paradox of the life we lead today. We have become fashionable impostors.


When You Refuse To Know…

For this reason, the food industry will always have an upper hand over you, because you have become gullible and you have allowed yourself to be led by your desires for certain tastes ruled by your tongue. These are the tastes that businesses have conditioned you into accepting, as they control your mind with marketing and sales slogans. Only because you have allowed them to.

Until you make the decision to shape your own future, not by investing in life insurance or stocks or bonds, but by first investing in your own body, then and only then will the food industry stop their racket of poisoning you and your loved ones.

Businesses are really systems that put out products on massive field trials, which are really long term trials and errors.

It Continues To Sell Until Someone Dies

A product will continue to be sold (trial) until it proves to be dangerous (error) and someone takes a stand against it. Recall the 100,000 children who died in Britain in the Victorian age because the bakers insisted on increasing the weight of bread with chalk or alum used in detergent! Then too Boracic acid was used in milk to remove the taste and smell from milk, just so that more could be sold over longer periods of time!

Today the same mentality continues in an economy driven infrastructure. Until someone complains, the products will continue to churn out massive profits for share-holders, create jobs for the masses, uplift the economy and support trendy lifestyles for its employees.

Enslaved By Addiction

The health and well-being of the person who uses the product is not in the picture. So the food you eat is developed to make you addicted to it, so that you want more, and if you cannot have it, you experience withdrawal symptoms. But, this system of addiction, like good addiction, would be perfect if the foods were making you stronger and powerful.

Alas, even while you are on 99.99% of the foods out there today, you are killing off your own organs and becoming less and less strong. Breaking down your own natural immune system, making you a prime candidate for yet other businesses’ products we fondly know as medication! Entire families are sick from the foods they consume. Entire families are on medications for sleeping, for constipation, for heartburn, for indigestion, for headaches, for depression, for diabetes, for cancer, for high blood pressure…and the list goes on!

The Down Fall of Humanity

What a vicious cycle? The irony is that we have become part of it as employees, as suppliers, as truck drivers, as marketers, as sales reps, as social media fans and most of all as addicted consumers.

A species as highly intelligent as the human species, has run amok with the power of life. The situation we have made for ourselves here on Planet Earth is indeed laughable, certainly for people who see the big picture, and certainly for other life forms watching this scenario.

All you have to do is to watch the masses of people from afar.

What you see is shocking. We are a society of addicts with food addiction being on top of the list of addictions. Surely you realize that the time has come to respect the power of your amazing unique Self.

Surely you want to experience life to its fullest and experience all that a human has been blessed to do?


You need to take a conscious decision

If you truly care about your well-being and perhaps even the well-being of loved ones, then you owe it to yourself and to those you support to immediately understand as much as you can about the foods that you put into your body.

Are the foods in fact what your body needs?

Are the foods safe for you?

Each person is different. Do you know how your unique body reacts to certain ingredients? Be your own scientist, experiment, and if you do not enjoy a natural good night’s sleep and get up fresh in the morning… well my dear that is one major sign that you are not choosing the right foods for you.

Are you having one to two good bowel movements a day naturally?

Are your moods on a roller-coaster?

This could all be food related and rectified by simple changes in the food selection, preparation and eating!



  • Do you know the difference between organic, natural and the right foods for you?
  • Do you know how to outsmart the crafty marketing slogans and the pushy sales person?
  • Do you know what the food needs of your kids, spouse, parents and loved ones are?
  • Do you know how to make the right food choices for each family member?
  • Do you know that the very way in which you prepare your foods can be killing you?
  • Do you know how to eat your meal after you have prepared it?
  • Do you know how to select your foods when you are away from home?
  • Do you know what not to eat for breakfast?
  • Do you know when not to eat in 24 hours even if the rascals are telling you otherwise?


Know the Truth about foods and shape your future

First off, we must make it a priority to educate ourselves and those we love about this body we live in, before we run around helter-skelter gathering degrees about business, management, leadership, physics and engineering and all the man made things outside of us.

In the East (Asia), the medicinal secrets and power of food was known over 10,000 years ago. More over, the ancients understood that the power housed within this human body is limitless. The ancients even knew how to harness their powerful energies, knew how to eat to live and enjoy a long healthy life, alert and flexible until death.

The ancients knew, they were the greatest scientists of all times because they found the answers within without the use of technology and external devices. They independently knew the secrets of our human powers and realized that they would not waste life by restricting their powers. Their focus was on expanding their own inner powers not limiting their powers. These were our wise ancients.

But what about you? What are you going to do about your life?


Do You want to waste your life by restricting your well-being?

Why would you even dream of making yourself weaker, smaller, less intelligent, lesser than all that you have within you? WHY when you can have it all? WHY?


So the question remains: Where did we go wrong?

Why restrict what you can do in life, by eating toxic foods that the industry has gotten you addicted to?

Do you want to continue to be trapped in their boxes? Do you want to live a mediocre half human life when you can experience so much more naturally, without the dependence on pain medications, alcohol, drugs and addictive desires?


We as humans have been blessed with infinite powers, independently of anything or anyone.

We can however follow the trapped masses, each day, each month, each year, doing the same ignorant things that they are doing, believing that we are living life fully, diseased, washing down medication, or we can choose to access our human potential and experience every dimension of being human.


Free 3 Part Food Educational Videos for You

You may be surprised to learn that foods you think are good for you are really not, many of the organic foods are highly dangerous but cleverly marketed to get inside your mind. Only because you let the door to your mind open and the rascals have entered and made themselves comfortable in your living room!


As a Yogic Natural Life Scientist, who has been in the health sector for decades and in the natural food sector for another decade, it is my duty to inform you about how to defend yourself against toxic food products. Your only defense is knowledge. Knowledge is power.


Learn How To Keep The Rascals Outside

Once you learn how shut that door to your mind and keep out the rascals, and you learn to differentiate the naturally perfect foods for you, then you can apply the same method wherever you are in the world, be it working or on holiday. You can boost your energy, brain power, emotional stability and conscious potential all naturally.


If you want to immediately boost your health then to join my 21 video online seminar on how to select the right foods for your unique body and for loved ones, how to prepare the foods correctly and most importantly how to eat the foods correctly so that it works to build your organs and cells well and support your healthy life.


Click here to learn more and watch the video preview of this life changing seminar.


Do You Need To Attend This Life Changing Seminar?

  • If you are un-well have diabetes, cancer, stroke, cardio vascular illness, depression, mood swings, constipation, sleeplessness or other ailments, then you must get to know how to use foods to restore balance.
  • If you are athletic or need to be in great physical and mental shape then you need to know how foods can maintain an excellent condition.
  • If you are at risk for diabetes, cancer, stroke, cardio vascular illness, depression etc. then you must access this seminar as soon as possible.
  • If you are under stress, a student, feeling low, feeling a lack of energy, or feeling helpless then you must register as soon as possible.
  • IF you want to truly access your human potential and all that you have been blessed with, then yes, you must register asap.


Do click now to get more information, you deserve to know the truth about life giving foods and how to shape your future to be what you want it to be.


INTRODUCTION TO THE TRUTH ABOUT FOODS: Free 3 Part Educational Video Series

Truth about foods 3 part free educational series


REGISTER TODAY FOR THE FREE 3 PART VIDEO SERIES ON TRUTH ABOUT FOODS CLICK HERE NOW. Access the 3 powerful videos that guide you through understanding how foods can heal you naturally and why you must gain an understanding of how you make good food choices for your self and loved ones.


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