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Stress and Youth Lesson from Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Life

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Over 60% of youth today are experiencing some form of stress in the mind. The tragic deaths of both mother and daughter, millionaires Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown bring to the forefront the extreme stress that many people in the western nations are subjected to each day, and the important topic of stress and youth. Especially in young women. It is time for us to once again remind ourselves to pay more careful attention to taking care of our mental health first, irrespective of what is going on in the surroundings that we find ourselves in.

Alas, the pressure from society, the media, and trends in the economy are far greater today than just over fifty years ago, when life was much more enjoyable and less complicated. The effect of stress can be profound on the youth of today. Let us look more deeply into how to take better care of ourselves ok?

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What are the symptoms of a stressed mind?

These are just some of the areas that come to fore when we discuss stress and youth:

  • Thoughts of suicide,
  • Display of aggression, violence, temper tantrums, bullying
  • Engagement in killing sprees
  • Seeking to join dangerous peer groups or gangs
  • Depression
  • Abuse of drugs, alcohol, sexuality, food, power
  • Lack of self-control
  • Inappropriate decisions that harm oneself
  • Low self-esteem, self-respect, self-confidence

How Does This Start?

How we respond to stress begins within the first year of life and gains root through teens. How? Basically through watching and imitating. Yes indeed, there are powerful “monkey neurons” in the human brain that are there for a powerful reason. …

Monkey See Monkey Do

This amazing functionality is there for instant learning without the waste of time. Really and truly meant to quickly move us ahead in self-development. But alas, this, just like anything great, when it falls into the wrong hands, will wreak havoc. Remember the technology that led to the atom bomb! Yup!

So here we are today, with incredible learning capability in each of our brains…but of course because we have not understood it, we have not learned to master it, and we have not succeeded in using it to our benefit.

Yes we are 100% responsible for the low self-confidence, the low self-esteem in children, and of course especially in girls! These issues are closely related to how we respond to stress and challenges.

So what is the solution?

Glad you are thinking ahead. First things first.

So we need to ask ourselves some intelligent and pivotal questions:

What are the role models: the parents, relatives, peers, educators, community, society and nations not doing to model the development of self-confidence in females.


Stress and youth, how to build self esteem by Dr. Vie
Stress and youth

Blind leading the blind leads to….

Alas, there are no applications for wanting to graduate to being a parent! Plus there are no manuals for preparing to be a pregnant parent, and definitely no manuals for being a good parent!

So for some of us lucky ones, we have parents who wanted to bring us into this world. We have parents who were excellent role models and we learned to feel self-confident. We have nurturing mothers who takes care of our every need and are always there for us every step of our childhood. We are the lucky ones for sure.

But the reality is that for most families, especially in the western nations, this is not the case.  Parents themselves are experiencing low self-esteem, low self-confidence and many abuse their own bodies and minds. All of course, closely watched and mimicked by the child.

Do n’t Do What I Do, Do What I Tell You To Do does not work why?

Because of the monkey neurons!

If a father abuses the mother or child, the child accepts it as the norm….because the child’s world revolves around the parents. If parents abuse themselves the child learns accordingly. The child lives in fear of  what he could become, because he has not developed his own sense of security within him.

Self Confidence is in the hands of the….

Every human spends the first nine months of his/her life in the body of a women…for too many reasons to go into this article….

So mothers really have the child’s future in their hands. It is mothers who can build self-esteem in children, the future adults of society.

To address this issue of the secret to building self-esteem children, we must begin with the self-esteem of mothers.

The secret to building self-esteem in children is within the most incredible sources of energy on our planet. Women. 

What about self-confidence in girls…why is that such an issue these days?

Today we engage in philosophical discussions about how we can stop limiting girls and help children develop into future leaders. We think that by girls engaging in male roles, and male-based activities, we are developing self-confidence in them! Alas this is completely untrue.

One of the issues that cannot be ignored is that we need to support the development and expression of innate natural strengths  versus that of sensual, and skin deep traits.

Especially in developed countries women are portrayed as sensual beings in all media…be it on the news, marketing, sales, music industry, films, video games…you get the picture.

Sensuality, the game of the economy

So females are trained at an early age to strive and compete for sensuality.  Makeup, dresses, nails, hair, shoes….have become the tools that promise self confidence in girls…but really are there to create jobs, drive the economy and create a demand for something that really does not exist.

Alas females have bought into this, and developed intricate lifestyles around it. How much time is lost each day, when a female wastes time painting her face, shaping her hair, trying to walk upright in high heels, shopping for the just the right look!

I was on a FM Radio show recently, and the female host reiterated the words of the thousands of female listeners.

“We just do not have the time to spend on self-development, retraining our mind or anything like that!”

For this reason women will never feel self-confident if their sense of confidence is dependent on external objects, double standards and dependence on external acceptance.

Leadership Skills Are A Moot Point…first overcome poor self-esteem

Sadly, females are now indirectly promoting discrimination and injustice and crimes against women. Yes, by accepting the falsehood above, they are feeding the industries and killing their own self-esteem within themselves, and inevitably shaping the self-esteem of their future children. We have seen the exact example of stress and youth in the tragic life and times of millionaires Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.  Peace and bliss are not items for sale but  are in fact 100% free. But because we are trapped by the false beliefs from trends and fashion, we lose our mindful perception.

Another Lesson To Be learned About Stress And Youth from Kristina Bobbi Brown

Children’s future are shaped by their parents, caregivers, community, environment, media, foods, air, water, and very lifestyle. Let us stop being blinded by the race for money, titles, awards, fans, followers, fame, power, prestige so that we do not lose our minds. Let us respect ourselves enough not to kill our brains with drugs or alcohol because it is viewed as trendy and hip and the in thing that mindless beings are doing.

It takes courage to look within, to be truthful with oneself, even if we are lying to others. It takes courage to truly set yourself free from the shackles and chains of the false beliefs of others.


Are We Courageous Enough To See where Stress and Youth is Going?

As I mentioned, the stress on young females is enormous today because they do not have proper role models and because of the power of the media, industries and trends.  We cannot just say that we need to free girls without understanding what that really means….So we need to go to the root to truly stop limiting girls. Let us adults be appropriate role models if we truly care about our future and the future of our children.

Be the change we want to see” Mahatma Gandhi, one of my role models who lived in my home town in South Africa.

I am here to support you in your journey in any way that I can.

Do contact me.

With lots of love,


Dr. Vie

Your Guide, Planet Earth, Our Great Cosmos

Author of Taming The Female  Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Accessing Her Human Potential. How Men Can Treasure Women And Restore World Peace.


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