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World is one family

World Meeting of Families with the Pope Francis in Philadelphia, America was held today where seventeen thousand families registered, across all cultures, and over a million gathered in the city of brotherly love. Most people wanted to grab an image of the Pope with their phones to share with the media, and others attended because they were hoping for a better life if they could see or be inspired by him.

“Breaking down walls” was the message for the entire world but how do we put this into everyday practice, from within the church itself, in every religious institution, to every family and every person living in the real world, is the real question.

As with everything, in the real world, charity begins at home, within each of us, and most importantly, within you first. The world is one family. Do not give up your real identity, your real human culture.

World Is One Family

“We are family,” the song by Sisters Pledge invoked a feeling of inclusion, unity and hope, even for just today when it seemed as if people shared the hope for PEACE.

But as with any gathering, or special event, even during the most religious and holy of holy events, the most hopeful, and the most loving event, it is what happens after the event that is the true test of conviction.

The wall that stops us from practicing what we preach, sing, or share in social media during loving gatherings, are the walls that must be broken first within each person.


Charity Begins Within You First

We must get to know our own self first, be charitable to ourselves first, respect our selves first, and trust ourselves first, so we can do what we were supposed to do in this life:

Think as a good human, talk as a good human and conduct ourselves as a good human, first.

What does it mean to be a good human?

As I discussed in the previous article, (Prayer for Peace) our purpose of life is to evolve the human race to the next level of evolution.

The only way to do this is to tap into every facet of being human, use all our human powers, and to be the best human possible. This power is within each and every person without any discrimination no matter what your beliefs.

The Power Within You Knows No Discrimination

The power within was the message of every Prophet and every Sage over the ages: to be humane, love unconditionally, treat everyone equally, help everyone, and live naturally as one with nature.

No Prophet asked to be worshiped, or to be treated as a leader, or to have special treatment from the masses.  None of the true Prophets had a fancy building, accumulated material possessions, had more food or better lodgings than the rest of the people, and definitely none of them harmed anyone.

They lived simple lives and educated people to be good humans, by first of all leading by example. Alas today, this is not the case.


Misusing the Message of the Messenger

Today, there is a wall between those who spread the word of humanity and those who live in the real world. Many are poor, have little to eat, and themselves are abused by fellow faith followers. We see people who use the principals of equality, shared by the Prophets, as a tool to terrorize, repress, harm, abuse and even sexually abuse the helpless around the world.

For many centuries ancient cultures around the world were forced to change their lives to follow the ways (beliefs) of their conquerors. For over 300 years invaders ruled India and tried to convert the cultures of the locals. Africa and every other ancient culture throughout the globe were subjected to the same invasions and erasing of cultural living. The locals had to give in.

Sharing the Same Beliefs Is Not Protection

Today, no matter the rich original cultures that people have come from, they have adopted a whole new belief that was not even part of their culture.

Why? Because the enslaved felt that conquerors knew better. The enslaved felt that their lives would be safer if they followed the new belief.  The ultimate aim was for the world to be more unified with this new belief through “inclusiveness.”

The irony is that in spite of the ‘’reduction of original cultures,” the locals who had forsaken their traditions were still not unconditionally accepted and loved even though they had prescribed to the same traditions!

People Still Hate People In Their Own Belief Groups

Today many centuries later, people who follow the same religion often do not unconditionally accept, care for, and love their fellow beings!

Inequality exists in every group, no matter if people follow the same religion, graduate from the same Ivy league university, work in the same company, are born in the same family, take the vow to respect their partners, or even sign a contract to complete a job for their customer, people dishonour, harm, abuse and disrespect even those they are closest to!

How, Why???

Our Forgotten Purpose

The fact is we are still living artificial false live, because we are afraid of being who we really are and love our own selves.

We need to be true to our real selves first.

The biggest problem throughout humanity today is that very few people can really think for themselves with confidence and respect.

They gain comfort and feel secure only when they follow what others are saying or look up to “leaders.”

People do not even educate themselves to know who they are, but they are obsessed with educating themselves to read, write, and train to work in any job just so that they get the reward of money, in order to use that reward to appease their basic senses of touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell.

Today, those people who have become really good at following the above model, have become focused on pleasuring their basic senses even if the masses are suffering from famine, poverty, abuse, diseases and inhumane acts.

Inequality: The Cause Of Your Problems

This happens because we have lost connection with the real purpose of life. We have become followers, always seeking to follow what others are saying or doing out of fear of what will happen if we do not.

Today, jobs are the focus of our lives. Jobs are a means to an end.

We take on any job, even if the jobs are hurting others, even if the jobs are poisoning the water, food and air, even if the jobs are destroying our home Planet Earth. As long as it is a job that gives us money, the employer and company and product are worshiped. Economy is the new God.


How Low Can You Go Down The Ladder of Humanity?

The obsession for possession of money, sensual pleasures and power are the lowest of the lowest pursuits of being human.


By going down that ladder we lose our dignity of being human. We lose access to the real powers of being human. We lose sense of who we really are. We lose access to our real identity. We devolve as humans.


We fail to be true to our own self. We reject our real self. We hate our own humanity.

If we hate our own identity how can we be of any use in this world? How can we support the betterment of humanity? How can we treat all as part of us?


The World Is Our Family, The World is one family

The time has come for us to expand our intelligence, to be the human we are, and realize that every person is part of one family.

Unless you realize your own humanity, you cannot say that that you are a loving, compassionate or successful human.

Unless you view everyone as equal and make your job that of helping humans and all beings and restoring our natural environment without the focus on reward of money or titles, you cannot view yourself as a successful human.


Be A Real Human, Embrace Your Culture, Love Your Uniqueness

Let us question everything and not be followers of people who have create hurt, suffering and inequality.

Instead let us look within ourselves, and first of all have the courage to be a real human and love being human.

When we are able to do this, then we are not focused on just our self, our own little family, our own little country, but we view everyone as our family and all countries as one, and our Planet Earth as our home in the city of our Solar System.

We can move freely around Planet Earth without rules of migration or restriction, we can have same water to drink and food to eat and lodging to live in as everyone else.

We should not limit our freedom by man made religions, education, science, technologies, companies, systems or legalities. These are all new man made concepts…not shared to us by the ancients and the ancient Prophets and Sages over 10,000 years ago.

Humanity is a power of freedom to be one with the same power of all of nature.

This freedom is within each human waiting to be discovered.


You can transform the world


You do not need to be the head of a company, have a title, have a degree, have more money than others, be fashionable, or to be part of a particular religion, or get on TV each time you lend a helping hand, or get a pat on your shoulder each time you help someone…you can be in any group and follow any religion…


All you need is to be your real self, access all your human powers, make your job that of supporting humanity and all beings and Planet Earth, and view every being as your family that you will never harm but always protect.


By doing so each day, you will feel inner peace, and each day you will be transforming the world to a state of peace.  This world can be restored to its natural state of existence. It all starts within you.


Do join our PEACE Shows that are broadcast live each week, and tell us how you are transforming yourself and supporting your real family after viewing the world meeting of families during the visit of Pope Francis in America and tell us if you can realize that the world is one family.

Today , the Pope Francis has renewed hope in all faiths and non faith people  around the world, with his simple message of PEACE and his practical ways of living a simple life, helping the needy and loving all as one.


FEMALES discover how to restore PEACE and LOVE to our world by clicking here. I have created a detailed GUIDE BOOK to return our Planet to a state of PEACE and rescue humanity.


As always I am here to support you in your journey in any way that I can.

Do contact me.

With lots of love,


Dr. Vie

Your Guide, Planet Earth, Our Great Cosmos

Author of Taming The Female  Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Being her Powerful Self and Rescuing Humanity.

Producer of Dr. Vie PEACE Shows

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  1. Lalitha

    This is Lalitha from India. I feel honored to say that I have been the co-host of the live series from September 11th to 23rd hosted by Dr. Vie who is a precious treasure of this world. I thank her whole heartedly for her noble thoughts to connect all from different parts of the globe to share their personal and community experiences, challenges, stories of self respect and courage, compassion, peace and harmony to everyone. With this rich personal journey, I invite all to register and be an active participant in these events.

    Thank you Dr. Vie for such a life turning event which you have initiated globally. May God Bless You

    1. Doctor

      Dear Lalitha, thank you for your exceptional participation on such short notice and for the remarkable group of women whom you brought into the PEACE Shows. Their personal journeys (as is yours) will inspire millions around the world to realize that they too have the same life force as all of the cosmos within them. For some right now, their human potential may be blocked for now. But with a little bit of effort and guidance they too can open the door to their powerful human potential and be the super humans that they were meant to be. Our world and personal life can be a blissful and peaceful one just as it was meant to be. We start with parents, parents to be, children and youth so every youth will feel accepted and build the connection with elders. We can stop the alienation of our youth and prevent them from losing themselves in less than humane acts of hatred, crime, addiction, violence and terror, by guiding them to access their unique full human potential. Then they will love the adventure of life and love all beings and all of life forms on Planet Earth. Lots of love, V

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