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When life throws you challenges, how do you respond? Do you hide in depression? Do you drown in alcohol or drugs or pain meds? Do you go on a shopping spree? Do you become violent? How about angry? Or do you feel weak, helpless and lost?
Join me, Dr. Vie as I take you to 6 countries over 8 days to share special stories of personal challenges experienced by the locals. Hear how they have overcome their challenges and meet others who are still facing their challenges..head on. You will be inspired for sure…


So the question is this: what do you count on in times of trouble, challenge or great struggle? What do you hold onto? Where does your inspiration come from? Or perhaps you are one of the very few on Planet Earth who has not encountered any challenge in your life?

Where Do Your Beliefs Emerge From?

Ah the age old question…

Now if you have been following my journey, my articles and anything that I write, or talk about…you know that I always share with you the very secrets of the power of being of human. I also share why we have become distracted from our human purpose and been blocked from accessing our true humanity.

Now if you have already read my provocative book Taming The Female Impostor: Book of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity (from the awful mess we have created for ourselves) you already know the secrets. Bravo to you my dear…

Ooops …got distracted…ha ha…

So back to where do your beliefs come from…well you guessed it right…from all that you are exposed to from the moment your little head pops out of the warmth and comfort of Mommy’s womb. Bang…it all starts…with many faces peering at you…making strange sounds at if you cannot understand! Why do they treat us like babies? Cute! Because our equipment is not yet up to speed…so the story goes..

So right from the very second you pop out, the conditioning starts... and your beliefs are moulded as you are told what to do, what your name, is what you should eat, think, read, write…and you are groomed to enter school, master the techniques needed to join the work force…and master the techniques to mate and master the techniques to accumulate possessions, and master the techniques to plan for retirement…..then you die.

So the question becomes this…


Can You Really Think For YourSelf?

Have you lived your life coming up with your own values?

Now what if some tragedy strikes…and you find yourself a foreign land, with no phone or internet…alone.

You may finally realize that it is you, and you alone that experiences the pain, every emotion every ounce of change within you.

What if you suddenly realize that no matter what the media is telling you, no matter what your friends say, no matter what you boss is really up to what you think, say and do?

A Terrifying Thought For Most

Well that very thought scares most of us so much that we would rather continue to depend on others to do our thinking for us…well my dear, therein is the greatest tragedy of humanity…not to experience the real power of being human..not experience truly what being human is.

You have the secret sauce inside you…

Is Anyone Using The Secret Sauce

Well, you will hear from at least 25 others during the series, but right now let me talk from my experience.

I was raised of course in an Indian community in the throes of apartheid (Madiba Mandela was in prison when I was born) brandished as a non-white…repressed, told that we were inferior…

Then a personal experience at the age of 16 changed my life…as I looked into the eyes of a solider who was about to beat me to a pulp as lay my body, protectively, over that of a fallen student on campus.

Everything changed for me at that very moment….

Since then, after being thrown out of pre-medical school…my life took on a “life of its own” and as I chartered through each day, month, year…I realized that I was not planning for anything..nope…I have not really planned for much since then…been “winging it” as the saying goes.

Each moment my gut said “something is not right here, my dear” I knew that things were going to change within a few days…and it did…in Taming The Female Impostor I call it my Life Express..which I boarded each time…living solo, in foreign countries, with no one to call my friend and with my mommy and daddy 10,000 + km away in South Africa…but I learned along the way that at the end of the day we have just our very own self to count on…so we better darn well get to know  our selves, like and respect our selves, have a great relationship with ourselves….


So do tune into my 7 country Inner Peace To World Peace Tour and hear how others are using their secret sauce as they face tremendous challenges in their daily lives…………and you know what?


Along the Way You Tap Into Being Human

You realize that the conditioning that others are feeding the rest of the group are really based on a fear to be  their real self.

You realize that the power that we think is far away from us is something that we can reach if we look within us….my dearest departed Father Vie (V) always said…and I could not quite understand it until way after his passing…”the Force is within You” and it it what the ancient sages in Himalayas where I trekked, have been saying for over 10,000 years.

Now I understand it fully…what we refer to as a higher force (the terms used depends on whom you speak to) the ultimate force that pervades the entire cosmos as we know it today (and as it changes with more scientific discovery) is really that same force within  each of us…within me, within you. It is called LIFE.

The sooner we become one with the power of our individual LIFE withe the LIFE of the cosmos, the more meaningful our lives become..because we move into a deeper realization of the living truth that we really are…the real power of being human..fully conscious of our true nature…independent of what others say.

What Comes To Rescue You

It is this force that comes to our rescue to pull us out of the deepest of pain, most sorrowful of all sorrows, even when you are on your own, in a foreign land, with no friends or family, poverty stricken…it is this force that is your power….once you experience it, once you realize takes on new meaning…we are not just a mess of humans addicted to drugs, smokes, drinks,  foods, tastes, sensual pleasures, hoarders of possessions, robbers of Earth’s treasures, murderers, bullies, ego maniacs or tyrants.

NOT AT ALL. We are the most amazing of all creatures …being human is an amazing honour..which we need to take more seriously…


You have everything within you to be the best you can be…truly the best without the need to depend on material ornaments or titles or fans.

You are the gem of all gems…

Just be still, just be quiet, just go within, just meet the real you…and experience the bliss of being more than a mere conditioned enslaved mortal human.

Oprah Belief trailer during Dr. Vie 6 Country 26 PEACE inspirations

So join me and my 10 co-hosts this month as we travel to many countries, discovering what makes and breaks people..who those survivors did it…how they transformed their lives…and you can share your personal journey with us, share your story, share your hopes for change….for only when we share and interact can we expand our own powers of awareness and rise above the congestion and see a whole new perspective which could really be much grander than you can ever imagine…

Ready to be inspired? Join us.

I look forward to hearing your story and meeting your energies.


 I am here to support you in your journey in any way that I can, through my LIFE Seminars, foods or 1:1 Guidance or workshops and more.


Now do join me during this special month as I host several live webcasts and people around the world join in to tap into their human potential and preview Oprah’s Belief Days of Compassion and Healing journey.


It is free. Do click and join.    Do contact me.   With lots of love, Always,  

Dr. Vie

Your Guide, Planet Earth, Our Great Cosmos

Author of Taming The Female  Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Being her Powerful Self.

Producer of Dr. Vie PEACE Shows

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