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Cecil the Lion, King of the African jungle is brutally killed by a male human. His brother Jericho is left to take care of the baby cubs, only to be brutally ambushed and killed a few days later by another man! When a supposed health-care professional, Walter Palmer, hunts down and murders innocent creatures of nature, then we must ask: “Have we lost our humanity?”


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Cecil the Lion killed by a health care-professional!

This is when we can truly be at a loss for words! Just a few months ago I was trekking in Africa and spoke to the Protectors of the endangered species, and they were happy that they we protecting the amazing creatures of the wilderness. Read the article here


How can we even begin to grasp the horror of what has occurred? How can Cecil the lion be killed by a trendy, male dentist from Minnesota, USA? We would have made sense of it if perhaps a terrorist or a pirate had committed the act, but for professional from the USA, who takes the oath to save lives!


Palmer had been there, done that…

More importantly, why have we allowed Walter Palmer to conduct such horrific acts, just for the fun of it, for over many years?

When Cecil the lion was ambushed and killed for thirty five thousand pounds sterling, it was not the first time that the man living a double life as a dentist had been responsible for the death of innocent animals, moreover, treasured animals.

What is wrong with the system that it allows such acts of terror to be accepted?  What is it about males that are driving them to commit increasing acts of dominance, terror, violence, trafficking, crime and more, not only against prisoners, women, children, the helpless but also against animals?


When A Man Seeks To Prove Himself

The pictures themselves speak to the desire of Walter to prove his strength over that of amazingly powerful animals of the jungle. The irony is of course that he cowardly hired a few men to use machinery to conduct the act. See the article from the Mirror here.


Cecil the lion, Walter-Palmer-kills-Cecil-to-prove-manhood
Cecil the lion, Walter-Palmer kills animals to prove his-manhood

What does this say about the mental state of humans who themselves live in a developed country leading the world in democracy, technology and economy?

When a man who has a vibrant career, has material comforts and lives in country where so many dream to live, engages in such a demonic act, we have to look within his mind. Did his career contribute to his low self-esteem so much so that he had to seek to collect dead animals to boost his self-image?

The Obsession with Possession

The lifestyle that Palmer leads is not unique. In fact many who have achieved the name, status and financial wealth, inevitably seek more. It is after all the trait of human nature, to expand, to grow to seek more.

But what are we coded to seek more of?

  • Surely not to seek man-made trophies and awards and glories!
  • Surely not to seek power to rule over millions.
  • Surely not to seek domination over the weak.

We first have to understand our human nature.

“Why do we seek more?”

We humans are a replica of the entire Cosmos. Every physical law of the multiverse is the same laws that drive our physical, mental and spiritual existence.  One of the fascinating laws of nature is to expand.

In this human body within the human mind, that expresses itself as the need to “seek more.”

This is in fact an amazing, superconscious attribute to have.

More in the wrong hands creates less for the world

Alas, just as the same technology that created a treatment for cancer led to the creation of the atomic bomb, so too any magnificent discovery in the wrong hands, or should I say, wrong minds, will lead to destruction. As we destruct we decrease not only the object we have destroyed, but the very power within us. We become less of a human. We lose our humanity.

How can we be so ignorant?

Essentially humans have failed to truly understand their own nature, their own powers, their own purpose of life. Because of this folly, the attribute to seek more is being abused.

Soon we shall see more of this, when systems go awry, as we create more robotic driven technologies. But the topic of nanotechnology, drones and artificial intelligence deserves its own article. So let us get back to the issue of the great pretender Palmer.

Inside the mind of a game hunter who kills and collects for fun

When someone is insecure of their own nature, does not have a strong sense of self-concept, self-esteem and self-confidence, they will (because of the law of “seek more”) search for expressing their nature in gathering more possessions or experiencing more emotions. Why? Because they gain their sense of worth from the objects or emotions that they possess. Their possessions are their obsessions.  Without material or emotional possessions they feel as if they are worthless.

For men, the desperate desire to acquire self-worth is much higher than in women. Why? Well,  until recently, women were excelling in their roles as mothers and caregivers and nurturers. They were giving some expression to the need to “seek more” by providing unconditionally to their loved ones, children and families. They had a pivotal role to play in humanity. The role of males was to use their amazing physical strength to protect and feed their communities.

The Downfall of Humanity

Men however, since the start of civilizations, became distracted from their essential roles of protector of the family, hunter-gatherer to feed their communities.  Instead they began to create a “system of life” that focused on creating comfort under the scheme of  hierarchies, a leader, for example a King who had much more than the others.

Over time the infrastructure became so complicated that people began to believe that “seek more” could be expressed by competing, gathering more power, dominating, and creating inequalities.


Slavery as an need to dominate

The first expression of a distracted male was found in dominating the helpless, and enslaving those who were less aggressive. The age of slavery was the most gruesome times of humankind. Established by the countries leading the world, or like Nazi Germany, countries ruled by tyranny… alas, today almost all of us have become slaves to the system.

Today we see slavery expressed in the form of industries, where we have bought into the infrastructure of competing and winning believing that we are really climbing the ladder and “seeking more” as we better our lives!

Indeed we have become well managed slaves to the system, and our rewards are themselves systems of pleasuring or deadening our senses.

On the other hand, rise in human trafficking is the parallel form of slavery, not masked as something else!  We see it as it is.

So all in all, in a desperate need to satisfy our natural human attribute to seek more, we have become trapped into a restrictive way of thinking about how we can find more.

Cecil the lion killed because of a desire to seek more…

So here we have a health care professional who professes to help the community, seeking more because he has become trapped into the very system that he has contributed to constructing.

He seeks more, believing that he is boosting his manhood, his self-worth, and feeding his self-esteem as he stands tall holding the one magnificent beast in his hand! He feels powerful!

Alas, he is unaware that unless he really looks within himself and is courageous enough to understand his own body and his own mind, he will never rise above his own enslaved mind by having Cecil the lion killed for thirty five thousand pounds!

Time for Humans to restore humanity

Every day we see more and more expressions of enslaved people who are seeking more, in the form of police beating on the innocent, husbands beating on their wives, fathers molesting their children, priests raping kids, youth going on killing sprees, young adults overdosing, overworked people hooked on alcohol, food, sex, drugs….

We are losing the very essence of our humanity. The very gracefulness of life and powers of perception are being forgotten. We are living lives so artificially, believing that we are working hard, doing our best, trying to make others happy, trying to buy happiness, but really we are very sad, very lonely, very disenchanted folks, wondering if things will ever get better!

Is it too late?

Never too late to introspect and restore your self-worth and restore your powers

At anytime…

Why not try it right now as you read this…right now, make the decision to experience life fully, for yourself. You can do it. You have everything that it takes to dive into your very self, without the need to seek more by gathering more from the outside.

You do not need more prisoners, more victims, more hostages, more relationships, more kids, more money, more cars, more sex, more make-up, more clothes, more jewels, more titles, more pats on the back and you definitely do not need more ornaments or dead trophies on your mantelpiece to say “ I am worth something!”

You ARE very valuable. You have it all inside you.


Forget all the false beliefs fed to you over thousands of years. You do not need to gather anything to experience life to its fullest.

There is no bucket list.

All you need is to start questioning everything and begin to seek more….seek the truth and experience the truth for yourself.

Until you experience life for yourself, you will continue believing …. Believing is an excuse to hide.

Stop Believing and Start Experiencing The Truth

Life is about experiencing for yourself the true wonders of your real natural self, all the things you are capable of doing, feeling in your body, experiencing in your mind, and seeing everything from a different perspective.

We are so stuck on our little life, that we forget where we really are!

Where are you?

After all, you are spinning around in space right at this moment. Up is not up and down is not down. All that, up and down business, is just a matter of convenience to patronize you.

You are like a spinning top, spinning around but also moving around the Sun in the great expanse of the Cosmos.  If the Moon stopped moving around our Earth, we would stop existing with a day! Every physical law of the Cosmos is the same law within you. We are all relatives. How great is that!

What to do now that Cecil the Lion has gone?

Let us bid farewell the Cecil the lion and wish his life find its new abode somewhere in this great Cosmos. Let us meditate for Palmer and people like him, to find the courage to look within themselves and realize that the men they want to be, are not outside but inside themselves.

Join me, let’s talk, let’s discover, let’s experience the wonders of life…

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I look forward to hearing about your adventures to seek more as you look within.


I am here to support you in your journey in any way that I can.

Do contact me.

With lots of love,


Dr. Vie

Your Guide, Planet Earth, Our Great Cosmos

Author of Taming The Female  Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Being her Powerful Self.


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