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Empowerment Can Transform You and Communities

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In today’s rushed society, we often make decisions that sacrifice our personal well-being, in the hope that we are fulfilling our roles at home, at work or with friends or even with groups. Feeling tired, frustrated, helpless, rejected, depressed? These are symptoms of dis-empowerment. You need to recharge your own source of inner power asap.

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People Are Insecure Around the World

We experience many of life’s challenges and are unsure of how to fit into the trendy, material world. Yet in the process of achieving, we feel insecure, we search for more, as we feel unfulfilled, confused, drained, sad, frustrated and pressed for time. We begin to feel as if time is slipping away without us making the best of i

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The Power Within The Human Brain

Most fascinating of all of life’s discoveries, is that the human brain has an enormous capacity to give you what you program it to give you. This means that you need to learn to actively guide it to work for you, not against you. Even more amazing is the power of the human mind…

The Problem Is…

Alas, we have not learned to understand how our own body and our own mind work. Why are things happening to us?

The Solution Is…

But we can gain knowledge at anytime. Once we do know what our body does for us, and what it needs to operate well, we learn how to use it to keep us in a state of happiness. Only we can create our state of happiness, no-one or nothing else can “give” us happiness.

The Real Secret To Success Is..

This is where we need to understand not only the body, but the real powerhouse, the mind that “does the programming.” Once we understand what the mind can do for us, and what it needs to operate well, we can learn to use the mind to tell the body what to do. The next step is to understand which of the seven levels of consciousness we are at. Then the fun begins! Life is truly fascinating. You do not have to travel anywhere to begin to start your adventure.

How can life be fascinating when there is so much suffering?” you ask.

Challenges are only opportunities to once again use the powerhouse of the mind to take control and come up with the miracles. These are perfect opportunities for us to make a willful decision to change the situation. We have a choice of what the next step is going to be. Even the smallest step in the positive direction makes a huge difference.

A Galactic Lesson

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” remember the walk on the Moon?


The Reality Today On Planet Earth

Yet, for now our body feels weak, and our mind feels tired. We are lacking energy, lacking our own inner power. We are dis-empowered. 

So what should be our next step?

Yes, of course, you got it.

Empowerment Book by Dr. Vie
Empowerment Series by Dr. Vie



We need to empower and recharge your body and mind. Like boosting a car’s battery. Once your own inner power is switched on again, wow, wow, wow. You will wonder:

“Why did I not get started sooner?” “Why was I relying on others to make me feel loved, and to feel important?”


Your Past Is Your Unique Experience

Never you mind the past, because it was all part of your special preparation for what you are about to unravel. Because of your special past, today you have more experience than you can imagine. You see, all that was missing before was the connection to your own source of power.

Inspirational Talks To Empower You To Expand Your Consciousness

So, during my inspirational seminars, you embark on your own journey of self-discovery as you empower yourself, explore insights, tap into your own source of wisdom, and expand your consciousness for a blissful successful life. As you experience your own innate power, you begin to transform yourself first, then you begin to transform your immediate environment where you live, where you work and where you play. You become a vital part of Planet Earth. You finally experience what it truly means to be a free human being.

Do join me and start your journey of self-discovery through empowerment of your real self. Register for weekly free webcasts.


I look forward to seeing you soon and hearing your story of empowerment.


Lots of love Always Dr. Vie Planet Earth, Our Great Cosmos https://www.DrVie.com

Author of Taming The Female Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Empowering Her Self. https://drvie.com/tamingthefemaleimpostorsummary

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  • You are right nobody teaches us to understand how be the boss of this body. How easy is it to do all of this does it take many years? I am now in my 20’s, for some time I was eating health, doing yoga then my friends got me into alcohol gambling smoking. Is smoking ok? I feel bad when I eat junk food. I want feel good again. I am interested. Thanks, I am Andy.

    • I am so glad you stopped by. The first step is learning more about your body and then your mind. Smoking destroys the natural energy and power in the body and kills brain cells. It should be stopped as soon as possible, that is if you really want to experience your own true power. Register for the free upcoming webcast for youth and see for yourself what you can start doing asap. You are already on the right track to empowerment, half the battle is over. Look forward to seeing you soon. V

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