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Can Mindfulness save humanity and Planet Earth?

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Believe it or not, there is a group of people focused on mindfulness! Today in the modern world, with its explosion of technology, artificial intelligence, man made diseases, limitless medications and therapies to restore damage, and endless wars and acts of violence and terror, we are realizing the limitations of organized science, education, economies, and even some doctrines of organized religion that result in mindlessness.  However, the term mindfulness is now also being abused for economic gain. Know this: Mindfulness is worth nothing on its own. There are two more components. We need more humans who are mindful, tamed their Impostors and in control over their minds.

Individual Personalized Experience and Mindfulness Versus Following The Masses

We are once again seeking the personalized first hand experience of the nature of reality. We do not want to believe what others have been telling us for so long, because we now realize that we have been going down the wrong path.

I keep saying this wherever I go…

“Knowing is far more powerful than believing.”  read more 


The greatest of our Prophets and Spiritual ancients lived with this reality. From Jesus the Christ, Mohammed the Prophet, Buddha the Enlightened One, Shirdi Sai, Vivekananda and so many more humans….they experienced enlightenment, they experienced super consciousness, they experienced self realization, they experienced the true nature of reality. They practiced mindfulness in all that they did.

If they as mortal humans could do so, so can we.

Their message to us was to aspire to follow in their footsteps and experience enlightenment our selves, personally. Only when we experience something can we realize the nature of its existence.

But instead of aiming to also reach their states of enlightened Being, we took the easy way out.  

Instead of developing our Selves, and expanding our consciousness, we began to worship and glorify the Prophets, we began to build places and shrines in which to gather, bow down to them and sing in their name, we began to host social events to raise funds to build even bigger and more opulent centers of worship in the hope of appeasing the Prophets!

Failing to realize that they had already achieved the highest form of human living and they certainly do not need our help!

Alas, we spend our time asking the deceased Prophets to  help us to be happier. Most often mis-interpreting their teachings to suit our needs.

And so started the economic enterprise of worship, where devotees in the houses of worship compete for attention from the Prophets.

Mindlessness, The Down Fall Of Humanity: Economic & Power Driven Enterprise of Worship

So many people today are stuck on the rituals of gathering each week or each month to sit together and sing in front of the photographs or statues or symbols of their Prophets. Most often during the singing or sermon sessions, many are reaching out for their mobile devices and checking their social media updates!

After the sessions, the devotees gather around to eat the free food, talk about the lives of others, and judge the appearance of those around them. Their actions appear robotic and ritualistic as they revert to their social nature. Becoming mindless.

At times, outside the houses of worship, hungry fellow humans in tattered clothes walk the streets in the hope of finding enough food to sustain them for the day and searching for a safe place to rest their weary bodies as the devotees return to their lives.

 Click Play to hear my radio interview with Pastor Morgan on Soweto Radio: on the topic of healthy relationships.

But what happens outside of the houses of worship?

  • Some followers fill their homes with floor to ceiling  sketches of the Prophets and engage in worship of the pictures and statues.
  • For some, the personalization of their role models help them to become like their Prophet, compassionate, loving and kind.
  • Yet there are still others who do not accept people around them as equals, profiting from businesses that hurt fellow humans or the environment.
  • Some followers use religion as a tool to lash out at others who are different from them, inflicting acts of terror, violence and hatred on their fellow human Beings. A total contradiction of the values taught by their Prophets.
  • Alas only a tiny portion of followers of the Prophets realize the divinity of their own true nature and realize mindfulness.

For many devotees their minds are no longer in their control. Their true identity has been lost.

This is the state of many human minds and lives around our great Planet Earth.

Instead of embracing the wonders of nature and power of divinity everywhere in nature, in everything that is not man made, we have lost our minds to every thing that is man made. Mindlessness and lack of Self identity is resulting in the down fall of humanity.

If the Prophets were alive today, what would they say of this state of their followers, and the methods that have sprung forth from their teachings and that they have not sanctioned ?

Step one is to ask our Selves how can we restore grace to our own Selves first and foremost and use our religions, or world view to live our lives as the compassionate, fully conscious humans that we are coded to be.

The answer lies in answering these three questions:

  1. Who I am I?
  2. What is my purpose of life?
  3. What happens when I die?

How Can We Better Our Selves And Regain Control Over Our Own Minds?

We can live mindful lives…by realizing our human potential. I discuss the SEE (Streaming Eternal Existence) in my Yogic talks and in my publications.

  • We are more than just this body that we obsess about.
  • We are far more than the mind that troubles us each and every day.
  • We exist, eternally, and in this life we continue our existence once again like a stream flowing.

The Yogic science behind each of the words I use is indeed powerful.

How we live this life is vital, for every thought, word and action we take leaves an indelible mark on our existence that we will take forth with us as we continue to stream our existence yet again. So think carefully before you speak or act, for you are shaping your future for a long time to come. Read about the BOC in my Book and learn about it in my events.

I call the uncontrolled mind, the mindless mind, the Impostor. The secret to living life to its fullest is to tame your Impostor and regain control over you own mind and your future. Live a life of mindfulness.

In all my sessions I share with you the secrets to taming your Impostor, no matter your gender, so you can be who you really are and love living life on your own terms.

My recent book focuses on how women can quickly tame their Impostor and use their power, vested in being half of the world’s population, to restore compassion to a world lacking love.


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