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Understanding Our Humanity (Part 2 of 4)

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As good will may have it, the absolute need for mind control was realized  over 10,000 years ago by our fellow humans inhabiting the Indus region of Asia, now known as India. These humans received the name Indoos/Hindoos by the British invaders (because of proximity to the Himalayas and Indus River) and the inhabitants later became known as Indians.

Secrets to Mind Control and Self Identity Revealed Over 10,000 years ago

The profound Self revelations realized by the Indoos were codified into practical step by step methods and know-how within what is now known as the Vedanta: the most powerful and final part of the Vedas (the ultimate Books of knowledge focused on super conscious living and ability to SEE the truth through enlightened vision ).

The Upanishads (translated as “to sit close to the teacher and destroy untruth”) are part and parcel of the Vedanta, the crème de la crème of which is known as Yoga, the science of Being one with your true Self.

But what does Yoga have to do with the Impostor® Syndrome?  In other words: how can you use the ancient revelations to shed off your costume and just be who you really are?

Well before we get to that there is yet another aspect of Yoga that you need to understand.

Mix up of Science Of Yoga With Religion

Following my decades of research and personal experiments, I found Yogic Science to be the concise yet most apt summary of the method to tame the Impostor®, control the mind and reunite with the spiritual super conscious Being that you really are.

Sadly most often Yogic Science has been incorrectly categorized as part of a religion, allied to “Hinduism.” Furthermore, “Hinduism” had become, without need, defined as a religion of Indians from India.

How and why such a mix up?

Strangely enough, it was coined by the British invaders who were steeped in Abrahamic religions. They were trying to describe the strange “Self development practices” of Indians by “boxing up” the diverse spiritual practices into something they could understand namely religion.

Hence the term Hinduism took on the description of the spiritual traditions of the Indus civilization south of the Himalayas. The “ism” boxed up the spiritual practices into a religion, the notions of which the rest of the theist world is aligned with!

Now you can understand where all the mix-up and confusion comes from!
It is noteworthy to realize that there is no such religion called  “Hinduism.” What was handed down by the “Indoos,” now called Indians, as a tradition of Self Knowledge, has transmuted into a religion called Hinduism, when in reality the Indic path to Self Realization is not a religion but a tradition and lifestyle. 

But how does this compare with science as we know of it today?


Science Of Humanity Fully Fledged Over 10,000 Years Ago

When we mention the word “science” we immediately revert to familiar notions of western science, the labs, biologists….physicists, cosmologists…you get the point. The emergence of western science, since 1800’s, has led to many advances for predictable, comfortable and safer living. Alas, as with any remarkable method of investigating life, it too was misused.

So, much of the today’s commercialized science (from biology, chemistry, physics, cosmology, to neuroscience.. etc)  has been abused for economic and egoistical benefit that has resulted in weapons of enormous harm, and manipulation of nature for selfish reasons.

The western scientific evidence dating the Cosmos and providing more clarity as to the evolution of life forms has helped us to gain more understanding of the physical nature of our Being.  The material cause and effect of our cells, organs and actions appear to be explained better than the western world ever thought it possible a hundred years ago.

Because of the western science, much progress has been made in improving life span, saving lives and increasing the physical comfort of humans. However, we are more than physical entities…we feel, we think, we react..and we seek happiness.

However, try as it may, western science still falls short of explaining the fundamental questions of who we are, what happens when we die and how are we to live our lives in between birth and death!

  1. Who I am I?
  2. What is my purpose of life?
  3. What happens when I die?

You see even though we have been inundated by evidence of the physical nature of what we are, we live as emotional, feeling, thinking humans within societies, driven by norms and regulated by laws.  We are searching for more meaning in our lives…and if we only focus on the western scientific input then we may find ourselves still grappling for a foundation.

Even though today’s western science falls short, the answers to these fundamental of human questions were provided by experiential science based on actual field experience, in the Indus region of Planet Earth a long time ago.


What is the Yogic Science secret to rescuing ourselves?

The reason why there is so much of inequality, suffering, discrimination, injustice and destruction of natural resources, is because we have ceased to be human.

In summary, we must return to Being who we really are! Be the Being that we are!

Only when we as individuals realize our true nature, does that light bulb go on, and we can be empowered, feel stronger and experience confidence in our own potential.  With this realized inner strength we can then begin to lend a helping hand to those around us, to our loved ones, our communities, our nation and ultimately our dear Planet that desperately needs rescuing.

The time has come for us to know, understand and activate our real essential nature.

Do YOU Want To Discover Your True Identity?

Of course, you will only desire to seek such realization:

  1. If you want to finally just be who you really are and experience your life to its fullest potential.
  2. If you feel that the world is filling up with people who wish more harm on others than good, then you are wishing for transformation.
  3. If you have hope that we can restore our world and Planet Earth to its amazing wondrous nature, then you are on the right web page.

If you answered yes, yes and yes that is me, then let’s get this discussion started, shall we?



CONTINUED IN PARTS 2, 3, 4. Click Here:

 Series on Rescuing Humanity Click to read:
Part 1: Yogic science
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Part 3: Spirituality
Part 4: Mindfulness

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CONTINUED IN PARTS 2, 3, 4. Click Here:

 Series on Rescuing Humanity Click to read:
Part 1: Yogic science
Part 2: Humanity
Part 3: Spirituality
Part 4: Mindfulness



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