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Spirituality Helping Or Destroying Humanity ? P 3 of 4

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So we return to an important question: Is spirituality helping or destroying humanity? If you have not read the preceding article 2 please click here.  As you may know, since the 2014 publication of Taming The Female Impostor: Book Of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity, I have been addressing tens of thousands of humans from ages 5 to +100 on the need to live a better life. The book and the knowledge I share is based on Yogic Science, I am of Indus lineage after all!

The hundreds of talks, seminars, workshops and retreats have been dynamically interactive, inundated with questions and inspired with hope.

Click the MP3 player to hear my radio interview with my dear colleague Dr. John Gray on the power of our own mind.

Youth Focused on Rescuing Humanity Through Spirituality?

From all the age groups that I have interacted with, it is the youth who tend to want to explore the most pressing of questions regarding their self identity, and the plight and future of humanity, all Beings and our Planet Earth.

Be it in run down classrooms crammed with +130 students perched on old desks, with eyes and ears open wide, so as not to miss any utterance that I make, to posh air conditioned halls with sophisticated public address systems where kids constantly raise their hands filled with desire for hope… the only hope for humanity and our Planet is actually to be found within the youth of today.


  1. What are we training our youth for?
  2. More importantly what information and values are we feeding our youth with?
  3. We as adults have certainly made a mess of our lives and our amazing Planet Earth, and now seek to do the same on other Planets. Do we hope that our kids follow in our footsteps?
  4. Do the youth want to follow in our footsteps?

Now if you were present in any of my talks, especially with youth, you will know this for certain: the youth know that their future depends on how compassionate, and super conscious they are. They want to restore humanity and all Planet Earth back on its natural amazing path of evolution. Youth are questioning everything that dragged humanity to where it is today.

Beyond Religion, Science, Education, Material Wealth, Pleasures and Economy

Even though the modern world flaunts a population heavily reliant on religion, science, education, pleasures and economy, the worlds population are sicker, more unhappy, and more robotic than ever before.

Our people are realizing the need for something more.

  1. When the wealthiest of the wealthy show signs of depression, lack of fulfillment and symptoms of boredom, we sense that perhaps what the rich believed to be the purpose of human life, was actually false.
  2. When the poorest of the poor starve within countries where their fellow Beings overeat and abuse food for pleasure, we sense that perhaps what the poor believed to be the purpose of life, was actually untrue.

For just these reasons, more and more mindful humans are now questioning the contrived “purpose of life” and “pathway for happiness.”

Abuse of Spirituality ?

The lust for material and sensual pleasures is at the root of why purely holistic methods, be it western science, the fundamental religious insights shared by enlightened ones, and the science of Yoga as known +10,000 years ago, have been distorted and used incorrectly.

So too has the holistic term Spirituality begun to be violated. As westerners began to explore India, many returned to their home countries motivated to exploit portions of the ancient insights. Today Spirituality is commercialized as Mind, Body, Spirit Shows, super natural events,  and magical healing techniques in the name of Spirituality.

Alas, today, when the word Spirit or Spirituality is mentioned by authentic humans, most people view it with disdain because of its economically driven manifestations and incorrect alignment with shady characters.

Albeit, to truly understand the very essence of reality, we need to explore the pure understanding of Spirituality as used over 10,000 years ago. Every question that we ask about having a better life, and experiencing a state of happiness in its holistic nature, can only be addressed fully in the realization of the underlying force that permeates all of existence, Spirit.

What is the path to happiness?

Just as I was boarding a recent flight, I engaged in a discussion with a British mother and her teen son. They were returning from their family vacation home by the ocean.  The teenage boy was talking about wanting to have a pool at their home in England so he could enjoy a swim each morning. The family was obviously wealthy and had enjoyed a terrific time at their holiday home on the beach. They appeared to possess all the material comforts of life.

On learning about my Yogic talks around the globe, the mother asked of me:

“What is the secret to happiness?”

I asked her:

“Why do you ask that question?”

My question baffled her and after seeming to search for the answer, she replied:

“I ask for my son’s sake because he wants to know that.”

We both knew that she was not being truthful. Her son immediately denied the statement:

“Mom, I never asked you that!” embarrassing her by revealing that the question was indeed for her benefit.

One World From A Child’s View

Click the picture and watch the video of these amazing youth
Click the picture and watch the video of these amazing youth

You see a child’s view of the world is far more holistic than that of adults…for many reasons…which I delve into during my livestream talks and live events (far too detailed to venture into herein).

For the sake of brevity:

Today’s modern child is already beginning to realize the folly of the modern adult’s purpose of life and world view. Children do not ask about how can they be happy. Not at all. They ask more profound questions…(join my talks and hear for your Self what they say).

The child sees a unified world, where there is peace, compassion, no barriers of religion, gender, race, money, education….the child basically wants everyone to live well together and for the Planet to be healthy.

This unified world view is in essence the nature of reality…we are all but one and the same…manifested in different forms.

So where is the connection with just being our own true selves and being an asset and not a liability to Planet Earth and all her Beings?

Ready for the final part 4 of this series? Click here to read and be enlightened…


CONTINUED IN PARTS 2, 3, 4. Click Here:

 Series on Rescuing Humanity Click to read:
Part 1: Yogic science
Part 2: Humanity
Part 3: Spirituality
Part 4: Mindfulness

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CONTINUED IN PARTS 2, 3, 4. Click Here:

 Series on Rescuing Humanity Click to read:
Part 1: Yogic science
Part 2: Humanity
Part 3: Spirituality
Part 4: Mindfulness


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