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The Art Of Pretending

On my one hour FM Radio Show this week, several callers revealed the thoughts and feelings of billions of people around the Planet.  We have mastered the art of pretending. This is not news to me of course! Hence the title of my controversial book Taming The Female Impostor.®

So I thought of elaborating on the issues brought up during the lively one hour session this week as it relates to the book that is turning heads. Ready?


As usual let us start with a one question quiz.

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The Art Of Pretending
The Art Of Pretending

The Art of Pretending

In this fascinating book Taming The Female Impostor® we gain a deep understanding about the rise in artificial living, where we have become great pretenders, what in the book is called Impostors®. On the radio show, several questions came up:

“Why do we pretend to be happy when we are not?”

“How we have become clever at masking our real feelings?”

“What is causing us to feel helpless, dis-empowered, and unhappy?”



Interestingly enough all of us need to ask these questions as well, as billions of women, children and men are unhappy, suffering from many problems and in turn our Planet is bearing the brunt of all our actions. Sooner than later something has to give. What will it be?


Through my book, we learn about the false identity that we have unknowingly taken on, called the Impostor® and how we are sacrificing our powerful, free, happy minds and creating more challenges in the long run. But why is the title Taming The Female Impostor? Once again, you really have to put on your thinking caps, to unravel the true meaning of the title. If you are doing so then you will be asking one vital question, right about now.


Who Succumbed First? Man or Woman?

We discover how the Impostor® began to emerge first in men and then later in women. We discover the moment that changed everything, when men and women each lost their powers at different points in time.


What we believe about ourselves is not true

We realize that even though we think that it is difficult or impossible to restore our wonderful, free, happy Self, this is so only because we have become weakened deep within us.

Yet that powerful Self is still within us, waiting patiently to rise again. We learn that we can empower ourselves by understanding who we really are, what our Gift really is, and how we can restore our powers and enjoy high self-esteem, self-respect and most of all love who we are.


Discovery Through The Stories of Three Courageous Women

We follow the stories of three women, in three different worlds, each on their journey to empowerment, each battling with the Impostor® that is controlling their minds, as it runs amok in their relationships and lives.  We learn of the women’s dark secrets and what they will lose if they do not take action, and we discover what they must do to restore tranquility within themselves and their families.


The Protector, the female Protagonist who will overcome the Impostor®

Through the characters, we learn about the fifteen tools of empowerment (VFF) that can be used by anyone to tame the destructive force of the Impostor and reclaim control of the mind. We meet the Protector, the female Protagonist who will overcome the Impostor®We follow the women as they travel on the seven roads of life, facing the Impostor® at each stop.

Controversial, Questions Old Beliefs and Modern Mind Control

Taming The Female Impostor® is a controversial book that questions old beliefs that manifests in modern mind-control.  It empowers the reader to finally free the enslaved mind and reprogram it to be empowered and happy. It reveals the Protector that is within every woman, waiting to set her free.

The writing style sets the stage for a new era of non-fiction writing steeped in fable, with intricate characters that stimulate the imagination and ignite the senses all the while guiding the reader to self-discovery and self-empowerment.

Get the book, and the free Life Profile Assessment, and join Dr. Vie for a live event online or in cities around the globe and experience for yourself the power within you that is waiting to emerge and generate happiness for you.
Dr. Vie

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